We recognize how important individualized and group front line training is and how it needs to be customized to ensure relevancy of its effects on the expectation of customer service. Our training modules are developed with this in mind and incorporate industry standards as well as operational core values and objectives. They emphasize better techniques for listening to the guest, product knowledge, and staff enthusiasm, which are key to improving current performance and service standards.


Customized Program Design

Depending on your training needs, the size and location of your workforce and the amount of employees you are training, we will modify or create training programs based on the following educational modules.

Customer Satisfaction Reliability Quality Service Concept

  • Motivation & Team Building
  • Train The Trainer
  • Anticipating Guest Needs
  • Front Line the Front Office
  • Telephone Skills
  • Bell Service Skills
  • Its My Room, Housekeeping Guest Room & Guest Bathroom
  • House Person & the Public Spaces
  • Food & Beverage Service Skills
  • Sales Training Food Service
  • Room Service Satisfaction
  • The “Wow factor” a moment of truth for the guest experience.
  • Everyone is a Salesperson

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