Knowing the answers to these questions is critical for hotel management because it determines the true experience that the guest has while visiting your hotel and  food & beverage facilities. It also determines the level of integrity displayed by your associates. 

Program Design 

Once you are on board as a client, Regal Hospitality Group assigns you an account manager who is responsible for designing a visitation program for your hotel or resort that incorporates the unique operational standards of your hotel brand. The program is based on AAA Diamond and Forbes Star criteria as well as your specific goals and needs. We in essence partner with your management team to implement and monitor the quality assurance services chosen.

The Visitation

Once we have the program in place our agents will conduct anonymous visitations to your hotel and/or food and beverage outlets anywhere from 4 to 12 times per year depending on the frequency chosen.

The agents will evaluate areas of customer service throughout their stay and will conduct guest interaction with hotel departments such as Valet Service, Front Desk Operations, Bell Service, PBX Service, Housekeeping, and Engineering Services as well as Concierge, Guest Services and the food and beverage outlets of the property. The agent will assess the quality, cleanliness, service, and integrity of the staff and facility.

The agent will prepare and complete a written report that is formatted for bench marking purposes.  The report will include a series of checklists, which are built from the prescribed operational and industry standards and are used to monitor key performance indicators of each area.

The Report

The report will consist of quantified checklists and narratives of the agent’s experiences while in the hotel and each food and beverage outlet. Your final report will consist of modules that encompass all guest interactions. The quality of product and service will be outlined as well as the cleanliness and upkeep of the facility.

The detailed report will be available for your review on our Data Retrieval System approximately 48 hours after the agent has departed the hotel.

Follow Up

Your account manager will be available immediately after the report is posted to answer any questions you may have about the agent’s visit.

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