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 Our ability to retain and grow our client base is due to the hands on approach taken with each and every one of our clients and our ability to focus on their individual needs. Our clients usually begin their relationship with our “Mystery Shop Programs”. These programs initially are “interactive facility audits” which portrays the guest perspective of the service and product that was experienced during the visit. Regal Hospitality Group developed the criteria used in this audit in conjunction with the American Hotel and Lodging Association and AAA diamond ratings as well as the Mobil star program which are all related to hotel standards and are the guidelines practiced in the industry.Our firm continues to stay on the competitive edge by developing additional programs and services based on the operational needs and challenges relayed to us by our clients and the industry as a whole.

Regal Hospitality offers a full complement of professional services from the Mystery Shop programs to Management and Staff Training & Development. Services include:


*Hotel Quality Assurance and Operational Reviews

*Food & Beverage Quality Assurance and Operational Reviews

*Cash Handling Integrity Audits

*Hotel Reservations Sales Monitoring

*Management and Staff Training Programs

*Customer Survey Programs

*Competitive Rate Analysis

*PBX Call Monitoring

 Phone (813) 854-1855 Fax (813) 854-1564

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