Regal Hospitality Group understands that the importance of employee integrity. We developed this program to determine if SOP’s are being followed properly. We have found that deviation from following prescribed procedures increases the risk of employee theft.


Program Design

As with all of our programs, you will be assigned an account manager who is responsible for designing the guidelines and parameters for the visit. Your account manager, along with you or a designated representative, will discuss the areas of concern to develop and implement a program that best fits your immediate and ongoing needs.

The Visitation

Our agents will conduct cash transactions and monitor the prescribed cash handling procedures as outlined for your property. A multitude of cash transactions throughout the designated outlets will enable you to monitor and check the integrity levels in each area of your operation and assist in your Food and Beverage process management.

The Report

Your report will consist of modules that encompass names, dates, times, check numbers, and events of cash handling during each visit.

This is a narrative based report so that each cash transaction can be reconciled and verified by your accounting teams control procedures to identify immediate integrity issues. The narrative based report will be available for review approximately 48 hours after the agent has departed the hotel.

Follow Up

Your account manager will be available immediately after the report is posted to answer any questions you may have about the visit.

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