Regal Hospitality Group is an International Hospitality Management and Consulting Firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Our firm is inimitable in the services that we provide due to our professional staff and our overall focus on serving the needs of our clients.

The co-founders of the firm developed a staff of their peers and hotel industry professionals who each possess expertise and experience in all areas of the Hospitality industry. This broad experience allows Regal Hospitality to not only administer requested client services but to also develop and implement programs to improve and monitor all operations within any lodging facility as well as within any food & beverage venue.

Our unique way of scoring each of these principles enabled the ability to benchmark all areas of operations within the facility and then report on any deficiency from projected service goals and standards. Deficiency in scoring leads to our “Operational Analysis”, which is a more in-depth audit and uncovers the reasoning behind the deficiencies and gives recommendations for improvement in any particular operational area as well.

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Soon our client base was asking for additional services to fit the various situations and opportunities that arose within their operations. Regal Hospitality was prepared to meet those challenges and due to the expertise of our staff, the people of Regal Hospitality played key roles in the conceptual development and implementation of new services.

Our firm continues to stay on the competitive edge by developing additional programs and services based on the operational needs and challenges relayed to us by our clients and the industry as a whole.

Over the years we have implemented and conducted numerous service audits, operational reviews and performance analysis, not to mention the thousands of Mystery Shops that were performed, which was the foundational service of our company.

As a result of these very functional and applicable service programs such as our Hotel Quality Assurance Audits) that are utilized by the many executives and operational mangers of our client base; we are a valued recourse for the hospitality industry of today.

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